Now Leaving Vanderville


Now Leaving Vanderville, an intimate dance-play, follows five inhabitants of Vanderville, a small town where rotating Queens rule the land, everyone wears monochromatic uniforms and eats appropriately matching food, local industry is a duck stuffing factory, and water ballet is the national sport. Now Leaving Vanderville is set to a collection of songs by Kurt Weill and performed live by opera singer Carrie Lewis and musician Franz Nicolay on piano and accordion.


Choreography & Direction Ivy Baldwin
Performed by Ivy Baldwin, Lawrence Cassella, Taryn Griggs, Mindy Nelson & Jeanne Schickler
Music Kurt Weill
Musicians Carrie Lewis and Franz Nicolay
Costume Design Mindy Nelson
Set Design Ivy Baldwin

Premiere Dixon Place, 2004


“You could probably use some belly laughs and choreographer Ivy Baldwin’s got ’em.”
– The Village Voice

“A wild ride from beginning to end, it is feel-good dance theater with subtle, dark allusions.”
– Off Off Off


Now Leaving Vanderville was originally presented and commissioned by Dixon Place’s Mondo Cane! Commissioning Series with additional support from Karen Stavisky, Andrew Rauhauser, The Field and creative residencies at Dragon’s Egg, Mystic, CT. and Nazareth Dance Academy, Rochester, NY.